My name is Chantilly and I used to be a full-time blogger.  One day I was surprised to find out that I was expecting my second child and it changed everything. For the better. What I meant to say is that it changed everything for the better.

You will find me here, from time to time, chatting about things that matter to me. Frugality, making do, giving back (or away) and learning to be comfortable with who I'd like to be. Figuring it out is a muddy process but I've always liked the way my feet look when dirty.

I hope this place can be a resource for empowerment.  I hope this place can be a reminder of when things got better.


Some of the urls used in the sidebar and in some posts are affiliate links. This means that if you sign up for a service or buy a product using my link I will earn a small credit.  The use of affiliate links is a new practice on this blog and will not be done so in secret.  If an affiliate link is used in a post I will be sure to mention it at the end of said post. At the end of each month half of any earned money will be set aside as a donation to one of my favourite charities.  At the moment donations are being set aside for charity: water.  The charity may change from time to time, and any such changes will be announced in a post on this blog.

I believe in honesty and transparency, so if you have any questions at all about the affiliate links program, other forms of advertising on this blog or the aforementioned charitable donations please do not hesitate to contact me at for more information.