November 19, 2013


Georgia is almost four. This is a grand old age in so many ways. The best bits of her vocabulary are created on the fly (tonight she called the hair on her legs her 'body string' and 'leg fur'). Her artistic side is exploding as she burns through craft supplies faster than any Martha out there. Her imagination is endless and she wants to play pretend with dolls 24/7.

Georgia will be four in less than one month. December is a huge month for her. Birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas. Just try reigning in the excess that month. Just try. Fruitless. January? A big disappointment for miss Georgia Grace.

So when the time of the year rolls around that the Halloween stuff is put on clearance and the Christmas toys are out in full force, a simple errand quickly turns into a impatience fueled whine-fest. Months ago one of our friends suggested that we introduce Georgia to the idea of a year-round wish list. See something in the store you like? Put it on your wish list. You friend has a toy that you absolutely have to have as well? Put it on your wish list. It's not necessarily a real physical list (although sometimes we will write it down for her because it seems more real to her), but let me assure you that it has helped us avoid many a melt down.

One of the toys on her wish list is this years Collector Holiday Barbie. When she first saw it on the shelf she said ohmygoshlookatherdresssheissobeauitful all in one inhaled breath. That's my kid. As a young lass I considered myself to be a connoisseur of the Barbie. At the top of my 'need' list each year was the latest holiday doll (closely followed by the Totally Hair Barbie because obviously). I have to admit that I'm pretty stoked to watch Georgia open her very first Christmas Barbie (living vicariously much?) - and with it comes the sweet satisfaction of checking it off 'the list'.

Christmas planning is in full swing and toy shopping/wish list fulfilling is just part of it. I can't wait to pull out our sparkly white tree and give it a good dose of decor. I'm also really looking forward to a special afternoon of Mama-time and ornament making with Georgia. Christmas has always been my favourite but now that I have a child that really gets into it I kind of feel like I'm given a second childhood. The list-making, catalogue shopping, the dreaming. I hate to say something is magic but in this case I'll have to ask you to pardon my whimsy.

What traditions are you most looking forward to during the holiday season prep? Or perhaps you have a tip to share about maintaining sanity and patience with small children during the season. I continue to think about creating an almost advent calendar of experiences that lead up to the big day (or days) so that the holidays are thought of as a time for tradition and gift giving. Know what I mean? I would love to hear what y'all have to say about any of that.


If you are a Canadian reader with a little one of your own you may want to hop on over to Mattel's site to enter for your chance to win your child's wish list. How awesome would that be?!

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