October 22, 2013


The better part of October has been a beast. Not at all what I expected. Scenes of turning leaves, crochet projects and knee high boots have been buried by crumpled tissues, a broken heart and knots in my stomach. My heart is hurting for family and friends experiencing devastation. My mental health is struggling with the change in season. My daughter has brought home untold germs from school and both of my children have been sick for a month straight.

It sucks. I'm exhausted. And I totally understand that at some point I will feel human again.

I find I'm reminding myself that much of life is the perception of life. If I assume that the day will suck based on some small thing (like stubbing my toe on that moron metal bed frame), then most certainly my day will go down in Worlds Suckiest... infamy. But, if by some small fortune, I am able to see said small thing for what it is I may be able to forgive it, move past it and appreciate all the good (or at least not total shit) around me.

Seems like common sense, but no one has ever accused me of having such a thing.

Perspective is a funny thing. Much of the time I forget that I have a great deal of control over it.

I guess I'll leave this post as a reminder of the better parts of October...

Story time. Pasty Cline. The sun at my back.
A baby learning to sit. Homemade turkey soup.
A pretend Farva. Beginners nail art.
Many pies. First swings.