August 20, 2013


Today I want to share a short but very important bit of information with all of you. I want to tell you about an opportunity you have to make a big impact on the life of an entrepreneur - and it won't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

First and foremost, let's talk about the organization that is going to make this possible; an organization that I admire greatly - Kiva. This phenomenal non-profit helps you help others through micro loans. These loans start at $25 - and it is literally the gift that keeps on giving. Give a loan once and someday soon the money will come back to you. Give the loan out to another entrepreneur and one day down the road it will once again come back to you. Keep giving it out and keep getting it back. One loan will effect so many people in such a positive way.

Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, Kiva is allowing new members the opportunity to give out their fist $25 loan free of charge. That's huge!

I made my first micro loan a couple weeks ago and I have already had some of it repaid. Awesome! I'm so excited about this organization that I plan to my first out-of-pocket loan after I publish this post. If you have a moment I could not encourage you more to register and at least make the free donation. It is worth your time. It is worth your energy. It will make a difference.

Change a life with a loan.

Thank you.

Of note...
Kiva did not ask me to make this post.
It is not sponsored.
I am using a referral link but I get absolutely nothing out of it. It only shows that I am indeed supporting this cause.

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