August 21, 2013


This week life is busy (very busy), happy and productive. It may be my exact recipe for perfection. What can I say? I'm a girl who likes to get stuff done.

There is nothing like a wedding to get your porch fixed, your walls painted, your garden fancied and your kitchen cleaned. We should probably do this yearly.

Jesse and I will be married on Friday at city hall in front of a small group of family. On Saturday we will have a day full of backyard parties - ice cream, pies, corn on the cob and a bouncy castle (ohhhhhhh yeah). Sunday is the day I turn THIRTY and we head to the zoo for our annual day of fun with some fabulous friends. Monday - on Monday we will sleep. Or do more birthday things because did I mention I'm turning 30 years old?!? And we're getting married? And that it's going to be a busy, happy and super productive weekend? Perfection.

signage by the talented Kaelah Bee