July 23, 2012


I really don't like that many bloggers feel that they need to apologize when they haven't posted for a while. I'm not sorry. I know you've lived your life perfectly perfectly without a post from me. But this here blog is not dead to me and I thought it may be worth mentioning why I haven't been around. Okay, so you see honey, it's kind of like when a bird meets a bee. Okay, no.


Or okay, well, when two people really love each other.....uhhhh.

Here's the thing.


I'm still sort of speechless. A second baby wasn't really in our plans but Jesse and I are trying to be as positive as possible as we venture down this new path. We know Georgia will be a really great big sister and she has been asking in earnest for baby. When I look back at photos like this I can't help but get a little excited about the whole thing too.

The first part of the pregnancy is the worst for me (and lots of other ladies too, I'm sure). I feel really sick a lot of the time and I have a total lack of energy almost constantly. I went from a 2am to a 7pm bed time. What I feel the absolute worst about is my ability to parent during this stage. I'm basically a heap of bones that can turn on the next episode of something before flopping on to my other side and going back to half-sleep. I'm not happy about it but it's where we are right now. Jesse is doing a good job of picking up my slack and I know in a matter of weeks things will return to a semi-normal state.

So, if you've sent an email, tweet or left a comment here in the last few weeks I would like to say that I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get back to you. Unfortunately the computer screen is making me mega sick these days and I've been living a very un-Internetly life.

I hope that each and every one of you reading this post are having a beautiful day. I'm about to squeeze myself into a bathing suit and take my sweaty toddler for a leisurely swim at the pool.  Wish me luck!