June 27, 2012


Okay, so things have been a bit crickets and rolling tumbleweeds around here lately. I won't go on a long diatribe about how freeing it has been to be away from the blog world because ain't nobody give a shit - most of all me. But I will say that it's proved to be brilliant for my non-virtual (some say 'real') life. I've been thinking some about my 29 before 29 list and trying to check off the bits that are really important to me. I've been doing a lot of dreaming, organizing and cleaning (the least glamorous of the three but still an important one). I'm in total nesting mode (totally not pregnant so let's just forget about that) and I've been pulling the house apart and putting back together in a different way.

During my down time I've been turning to books. It's easier on the eyes and brain and it's taking my vocabulary out of the 2nd grade realm in which it has become so comfortable. For a while I've been mourning the loss of reading in my life. Since I was in grade school I have been known as a bookworm. When I was in college I had a dedicated room for my personal library. But since having a baby - nothing. Since I started blogging - nada. My brain has been on a rapid decline.

So, for now, rather than Internet-ing I've been reading. Margaret Atwood, my favourite author of all time, brought me back when I found a copy of The Penelopiad at Value Village.

I read it in two days. It was okay. Not my favourite Atwood. Now I'm reading The Help. Next will be Lullabies for Little Criminals. After that will be another Atwood. Probably an old favourite like Alias Grace or Blind Assassin. For the most part I like to read CanLit.

Have you read a book lately that you can suggest for my to-be-read list? I'm a fan of fiction, but not really down for vampires or tacky BDSM relationships. I'd really like to hear what kept you until the last page.