May 7, 2012


Hey, remember when I was losing my nuts and I wrote this? Yeah, I was definitely not having a good time then. But I meant everything I said and I'm still happy that I published it too. It gave me the kick in the bum that I needed to change my blogging ways. More than that actually. It gave me the space to start making some happy life changes.

For a while I've been noticing small moments here and there that make me want to stop everything, be present and take it all in. But as soon as I have that thought it's immediately followed by a voice saying "NO! You have that email. The dishes. For the love of God check your phone!!" The voice, of course, is my own and I've been following its orders for years now. The compulsive side of me is determined and that's not necessarily a bad thing. But the behaviour is extreme and leaves me feeling like I lack dimension as a human being. Compulsive me does not get to be the boss any longer.

Lately my focus has been on making better use of my time, creating routine and turning away from influences that are polluting my mind (To some degree. I think I might cease to be me if I totally gave up crime dramas.) Right now I'm enjoying finding the small moments and giving them a space in my home and my life. For example, is there a kind of noise that makes me feel grounded?  Then I look for it and take the time to listen. I'm blogging to this right now...

Something that has made me happier than I ever would have anticipated is this...

That hair is something I've fought for years. Every single time I visit a hairdresser they say "You should just let it do its thing." I immediately shoot them the Are you shitting me? Do you not see its thing right now? look. I've spent what would amount to weeks in the bathroom drying and straightening my hair and I've never been happy with what it looks like in the end. I've avoided the shower like the plague all in a desperate attempt to skip just one more day of hair-doing. I've felt ugly and boring in my dirty little ponytail but it was still better than plugging in my straightener. And now all of that is just gone. It feels SO GOOD! And hey, I know this sounds super dramatic but what I'm trying to say is that little changes can make a bigger difference than you might think. I get back an hour of my day, I feel less disgusting and I have some bouncy-bouncy hair. I just slapped my melancholy in the junk!

Other things that I'm doing to create more balance and peace in my daily life are:
♥ creating a manageable daily chore list and checking said chores of my to-do list early in the day
♥ spending more time outside in the garden
♥ nightly family bike rides and visits to the park (I can't even tell you how much I look forward to this each and every day.)
♥ finding warm scents that make me want to inhale constantly (this is my favourite right now)
♥ starting to listen to music again and having zero guilty feelings about none of it being current (former music snob speak)
♥ committing myself to fewer things and consequently messing up fewer deadlines
♥ moving my computer to my office and spending less time "working" in front of the television

and actions I plan to implement soon (like this week)...
♥ finding time to create things with my hands (as opposed to with my computer)
♥ a gradual decline in my sugar intake in the evening (I'm pretty good during the day but at night I go effing crazy on the sweet stuff)

Do you have any small changes that you need to make to your daily life? Have you made some recently? Let me know your teeny-tiny solutions for a better day in the comments below. I can't wait to read what you have to say!

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