May 29, 2012


It's another vloggy Tuesday with me and Elycia but this time we're doing things a little bit different. Awesomely different if you ask me (evil laugh goes here).

When we ended our first round of vlogs we asked if there was anything in particular you'd like to see us do. Now I forget who said it (and I can't find the comment) but some genius reader suggested a cooking show. Replace cooking with something sweeter and ladies and gents welcome to our very first BAKING SHOW!!

We filmed this at night so you'll notice that we have a nice vampire tone to our skin.  Vampires are still on trend, right?

Okay, so I see a few things we can do differently next time. Oh, there will most certainly be a next time. Any particular recipe you would like to see? Make sure to leave links or directions in the comments below.

Oh!  And for those wondering - the cake was okay.  Not my absolute favourite, not the absolute least favourite.  If I make it again I'll probably add a chocolate frosting.  I'm not usually a fan of chocolate on chocolate cake but this batter wasn't quite chocolately enough for me.  Also, the word chocolatey disgusts me.

Crazy cake girl OUT!