May 16, 2012


When I first made my 29 before 29 list one of the things I was most excited to do was start a collection. Of course, when I decided to include that goal I failed to recognize that I subconsciously have many collections in my life but whatever - a new one is fun too. At first I thought I'd go with Pyrex because that's cool (not sarcasm, it's definitely awesome and very nice to look at). However, that quickly (very quickly) began to take up too much room and I had to switch gears and invest all my hopes and dreams into a charm bracelet. No jokes, I freaking love my charm bracelet. It's a slow going collection because it's not super inexpensive and they're not the easiest thing to find at the thrift shop but the other day I hit the mother load!

I thirfted this whole thing for only ten bucks! It usually costs that much for just one charm on Etsy. I won't be keeping every single charm but there are plenty that will make it to my bracelet. I'll probably eBay the others and swap them out for something more appropriate (maybe a Virgo rather than a Scorpio).

These are a few of my other recently(ish) acquired charms...

The boat opens up and there are some little people in there. It blows Georgia's mind every time.

Hey, and since we're on the topic of baubles, here are a few new pieces to my junky jewelry box that I'm liking.

This necklace is my new favourite. Sort of weird since I don't really believe in luck. The whole idea of superstition does make me smile though. I think it's a fascinating human behaviour.

Those giant rings are actually from Dollarama. Georgia likes to make me wear all three rings lined up on one hand. It's like a set of hippy brass knuckles.

Do you have a new collection on the go?  Or an old favourite?  Tell me all about it in the comments below.