April 10, 2012

when can I start a sponsorship program? (a vlog with ♥elycia)

Today we tackle one of the more heated topics in the blog world - sponsorship programs. When you can start one (because we're totally the authority on that one), the different program options, what services to offer your sponsors. We're talking allllll about it.

I started my sponsor program twice. The first time was in the early stages of my blog. The spaces were free with the understanding that the sponsor would take part in the group giveaway. It worked nicely for a while but I needed a break from my completely disorganized system. I gave myself some breathing room and focused on creating a blog that I love. About a year later when I was ready to begin the program again I was happy to find that there were blogs and businesses out there happy to support what I was doing. I've most definitely gone through a learning curve but eventually I was able to find a way to run an ad program that didn't take over my entire blog life. And can I just say this for the millionth time? I am so damn appreciative of every single person who has ever sponsored my blog. I'd love to say I do some super glamorous (note: stupid) with the ad revenue but it goes towards something much more important. The money I make allows me to be a financial contributor to my family while being able to stay at home with my daughter. That, my friends, makes me smile hard every single day. That deserves some serious thanks.

With this post Elycia and I have finally reach the end of our pre-recorded vlogs. It doesn't mean we're done co-vlogging though. No sirree. That shan't end any time soon. We'll be taking a bit of a break but we'll be back at it on Tuesday, May 1st with something new. We'll be taping more videos when Elycia comes to Peterborough so if you have any topics that you would like us to cover please leave a comment below and I'll write it in my notebook.

On a related note - we'll be hosting another live crafting session at the end of the month. I'm so stoked for round two!  Make sure to keep the afternoon of Sunday, April 29th free and clear so you can take part in the fun too.