April 3, 2012

one of my favourite things to thrift

Last week I mentioned that I'm taking a thrift break. Or at least a break from going balls out crazy when I'm thrifting. For now if I want to visit Value Village I have to have a very specific thing in mind to buy. There are limitations to this responsible insanity though. A few things will forever remain on the "okay to thrift" list. First and foremost is the community cook book.

More often than not I refrain from buying recipe books. Google has pretty much killed the need, right? What I love about these old community cook books is the unintentional humour (translation: I like to laugh at old ladies.) The recipes are decidedly old fashioned (I love that), the directions are often lacking and the names of the dishes rarely shed light on what will eventually emerge from the oven. Call me crazy but it makes me smile.

Frying Pan Cookies. Have you ever? If the directions were only a bit clearer I would try them out in spite of my deep hatred of dates.

There are more than a few noteworthy concoctions in there. I'm going to attempt a couple of the interesting recipes and blog about them here. I'll be back tomorrow with something that seems downright impossible. See you then!