April 9, 2012

nine moments

Monday, Monday...is Easter Monday still a holiday? I'm having a hard time believing how quickly the weekend flew by but what's done is done and I'm happy to report that it was a good one. Neither Jesse or I are all that devout (read: not at all) but we are people that value family tradition and making memories. Here are a few of my favourite quiet moments from the last few days.

1. Start things off right with a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.
2. Fancy and well prepared for some outdoor time.
3. Braids from rags for an upcoming diy week.
4. Reliving my youth.
5. Cat hangovers are the worst.
6. Kittehs rule the world (or at least the backyard).
7. The Easter bunny visited our home for the first time.
8. One bunny picks up where another bunny left off.
9. Wrap up the weekend with a fresh apple pie.

I hope your weekend - whether a holiday or not, busy or relaxing, served your well. Here's to a happy week!