April 5, 2012

layout lessons: basic blog anatomy

Today I want to start off with a lesson (or refresher) in basic blog anatomy. In the coming weeks I'll posting some of my favourite tricks for creating a layout that is well organized and easy on the eyes. I thought it may be helpful to begin with this simple reference guide. I may update it in the future but for present purposes this illustration works just fine.

Okay! So, this here is your basic blog layout. I guess it's more common to see the two column layout these days but I had my blog in mind when I was putting together the diagram.

to view a full size version of this image click here

I don't necessarily call each of those pieces by their correct names on a daily basis. More often I'll called the header a banner, the main wrapper the content or posting bar and the sidebar wrapper the left or right sidebar. However, during these posts I'll try to stick to the proper names because it makes the HTML business less brain tangling.

The thing to keep in mind with any of these 'tips' posts is that they reflect my personal preference for a layout. I am by no means a definitive voice in the blog design world. All I'll ever claim to be is a self-taught girl* who loves to fiddle around with the back end of blogs. You know that made me smile. 

*self taught and forever engaging in the continuing education of HTML, CSS and other confusing fun things