April 4, 2012

the baked goods: impossible pie

Impossible, schmimpossible. This pie defies the odds but comes out tasting like junk. That's a personal judgment though and I think that there are probably quite a few out there that would enjoy this strange recipe. It has a definite custard vibe going on and I have a zero tolerance policy in regards to anything even remotely egg-y. (side note: French toast makes me gag but I still love it. Sometimes I eat it with my eyes closed and think happy thoughts.) I probably should admit that this pie received rave reviews from both Jesse and Georgia. They do not engage in the same anti-egg rhetoric that I so enjoy.

Regardless of my take on the actual taste, this recipe is incredibly fun to make. You just toss your ingredients in a blender and pour them into a pie plate. You bake for one hour and you're done. Unless you're fancy and you wash your dishes right away. I can't be bothered with fancy.

I'll post another recipe from my newest community cook book in the coming weeks. The next one will be magic, I promise!