March 29, 2012

thread share: almost prefect

It's time for another installment of Thread Share! Amy and I are at it again and this time I was the one to choose the garment.

Truth be told, I thrifted this sweater months ago before we were even considering this project. The piece itself actually breaks two of my wardrobe rules - it's black and it's wool. But when I saw the old school patch I was sold. Plus, when I looked at it quickly I noticed it said "PERFECT" in big, bold letter. Perfect, I thought, I'll wear this around and everyone will know what's up. Only one problem...

...I'm a moron. Yeah, it's says prefect. The sweater is still pretty damn cool nonetheless but when I looked at it all I could see were my dashed dreams of perfection. When the time came for me to send my first piece of clothing I finally said farewell to this happy thrift find.

This outfit is very true to my every day getting-shit-done kind of style. I'm happiest in a pair of jeans, tee and cardigan - especially if the weather is even the teensiest bit cool. Call me boring, but....uhhh, that would be about accurate.

sweater/shirt/jeans: thrifted >> boots: Old Navy (can't really see them, now can you?)
>> cat fur: c/o cat

As always you should definitely click on over to Amy's blog to see how she styled the same sweater (warning: her styling is waaaaay better).  

Oh, but perhaps first we should get to today's thrift tip...

Caring for woolens:

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not really a wool person.  The stuff makes me itch to the nth degree.  The problem is that every once in a while a sweater so magical will come along that I simply cannot refuse it.  Luckily, as long as I wear a thick tee underneath I can handle wearing a said sweater for a couple hours.  

In the interest of preserving these treasures I have picked up a few wool-care tricks that I thought could be helpful for everyone.

>> If you love your wool then you will hand wash.  It's a pain in the ass but it's the best way to give your piece of clothing a long life.  Fill your sink with warm water and add a couple teaspoons of wool wash.  Swish around your piece of clothing and let it soak for about an hour.  Remove wool from water, gently squeeze and lay flat between two towels.  

>> Do not wring your wet woolens in hopes of squeezing out more water.  It will stretch the fibres and give you some serious sad face.

>> Be sure to use warm water when washing; it keeps your wool happy.

>> Don't you dare put that thing in the dryer (unless you want it to shrink).

>> If you spill on your clothing try to pat away the mess (instead of rubbing which embeds it in the fibers).  Try to clean your piece of clothing as soon as possible so that the stain doesn't set in.

Hopefully that information was helpful.  I'm definitely not a wool pro, so if you know a better way please feel free to let me know in the comments below.