March 10, 2012

saturday mornings are for...

Making and unmaking messes. Yesterday morning I came to a decision - we either sell our couch (my furniture soul mate) or switcharoo the livingroom/diningroom situation. Even though our livingroom is considerably larger the couch never seemed to fit in. Since it's a sectional it was always wandering around the room and making me crazy. Decision time was upon me and while Jesse was in the shower I started shoving furniture around. I feel so much happier about the new layout and seeing it all come together puts a smile on my face.

The next big project around here is flooring. Originally we were going to refinish the original floors but it turns out that we are hardwood sadists (heh). I have my eye on the a sweet shag area rug to work as the perfect finishing touch in our new livingroom. This is one job I can't wait to check off our to-do.