March 2, 2012

living the life of luxury

I bet you all didn't know that but I actually have my personal makeup staff living in my home. I mean, you can't really believe I look this put together all the time without a little help, right?

Our hot water tank was on the fritz yesterday so I figured why not look like a bigger pig-bum? Actually, I'll happily go days without a shower but it just so happened that I smelled like a dead animal and was in desperate need of hygiene.

This was the first time I let George into my make-up. She spent a solid thirty minutes plastering our faces with dark eye shadows. She approached the whole thing with such seriousness; it was completely mesmerizing to watch. I very clearly remember playing with my grandmothers blush and lipstick and it had this magical feeling about it. It was clear this girl was feeling the same way. She kept saying she was a princess. No little girl, you are much much more than a princess. You are my Georgia Grace.