March 17, 2012

the baked goods: nutella-swirl pound cake

Confession: I loathe the loaf. I fail almost every time. It hasn't always been this way but in the last few years if I put batter in a loaf pan I've had near-batter come out of the loaf pan. Even though impatience may be my middle name, giving up in the kitchen ain't my game.

Yesterday morning I tried, tried again and finally baked something worth its weight in butter.

This receipe came my way via Food & Wine. Believe it or not I had not tasted Nutella before. I've said it before and I'll say it again, my life is full of mistakes. All I can do is try my best to remedy my errors with what time I have left. I can now check not enjoying Nutella off the list.

Back to the cake. This thing is good you guys. Real good. The ends are the best because the Nutella gets kind of chewy (chewy is better in my books). This is also the kind of cake that is better the next day. Yussss!

So I'm off to eat the rest of this thing and wait on the sunshine. Hope you all are having a rad weekend. I'm hoping for a productive one around here.