March 14, 2012

announcing the winner of the tattoo giveaway!

The big day it here and it's finally time to announce the winner of the tattoo giveaway. I'm very excited and also a tad heartbroken because I really wish that every single entry could win (and by every single I mean all 203 people who entered). But in the end there can only be one...

To visit Miriam's blog and read her post about this entering this giveaway you can click here. I withheld Miriam's blog post from the judges because I wanted the stories to remain anonymous during that process but I would encourage each of you to visit her site to get a true sense of her story. When I read her entry and then clicked over to her post I cried my face off for a good while. I'm very excited honoured to be able to fulfill her pansy tattoo and I can't wait to see the final results.

Thank you again to every single person who took part in this giveaway.  It was such a memorable experience and I hope to be able to do something like this again one day.