March 23, 2012

abnormally happy (+ giveaway winners)

I've been so happy lately. I think it's beginning to scare Jesse. I can't help it though; the warm weather makes me feel like a changed person. I have more energy, I want to go for walks - hell, everyday chores don't make me want to go psycho-Mommy all over this joint. Life is good.

This will be our first summer as homeowners and I find myself looking forward to property maintenance. Yesterday we picked up 8 cans of paint to cover the sadness that is known as 'the addition'. Even better? The fire pit that I found for sale at 50% off. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Picnics.  Bike rides.  Road trips (in an air conditioned car!). Summer, summer - here we come!

Are you approaching warmer weather too?  What are you most excited for?

Happy weekend my nerds!

Ohhh yes, I suppose I should mention that the blog design giveaway is open just a little bit longer. You have until tomorrow at noon est to enter. Good luck!

I have some Giveaway Monday winners to announce!

Trio Necklace and Library Stationary from Rose and Anchor:

$75 Shop Credit to Clever Plumage