March 6, 2012

29 before 29: so far, so....well, so far

Way back when I was a young lass of only 27 years I created a 29 before 29 list. The point of it all? To focus my attention, streamline my efforts - basically I wanted to get some awesome shit done before I turn 29. So how am I doing? Well, the answer is....alright, I guess? You be the judge (but not like a judgey judge, mmkay?).

green = in progress
yellow = done! 
purple = someday soon
red = never gonna happen

1. Learn to use my DSLR outside of auto
Can't quite check this off but I did sign up for this Shooting in Manual 101 photography class from Bella Pop.

2. Knit or crochet a drawer full of dishcloths
I, uhh, I bought some yarn. I'll get there. I really want that drawer packed full of my crappy, misshaped cloths.

3. Make a new quilt for our bed
In progress. For real. I love making quilts.

4. Buy a house
Done. Maybe someday I'll share photos. After it's done looking like a turd.

5. Put Georgia in daycare 1 or 2 days a week
Done. George may have been kicked out of one day care. That's a whole blog post itself.

6. Go to the gym regularly
Ummm, soon. No, I swear, I'm joining the Y soon. They have cheap childcare yo!

7. Publish at least 1 zine
This will happen. I have a plan for a series of zines. It's terrifying and it's going to be good. Maybe? In the meantime I recently wrote an article on photographing children for Gadchick magazine.

8. Sew a dress for myself
Honestly haven't even thought about this yet. It's going to be a summer dress though because those seem easier.

9. Pay off my credit cards
It's happening!!! I'm about half way there. This excites me SO MUCH!

10. Attempt a furniture makeover
I have the piece of furniture to be made over I'm just waiting for a warm, sunny day so I can work outside.

11. Start a collection

12. Take off at least 1 day a week

13. Read one book a month
see answer to goal 12

14. See Tori Amos live (again)
I missed my chance and it hurts my heart to think about it. She played in Toronto right around the time we closed on the house (aka the time that we were poorest). Concert tickets were just not a reasonable expense at the time. Gah! My heart!

15. Have a Christmas tree in our home
Hell yes we did! It was white (like every other tree in blogland) but I got mine for a buck at auction. Eat that blogland!!!

16. Show liquid liner who's boss
I'm actually getting much better at this. Not so good that I could offer a how-to though. That will never happen.

17. Get Georgia using the potty
Yes we did! She calls everything a poop. Just yesterday she was running figure 8's around the back lobby yelling "Mama! I have to poooooop!". She even wears underwear during the day.

18. Give serging an honest try
My serger and I have parted ways. Consider this goal null and void.

19. Get a ring on it
Nope.  I have no idea how to classify this one.

20. Ride an elephant

21. Be outspoken in my appreciation
I'm trying. This is my latest effort.

22. Start a garden
Just waiting for the ground to thaw. I need to start thinking seeds asap.

Done! Moving was the perfect opportunity.

24. Throw a smashing 30th party for my guy
In the works.

25. Learn as much as I can about Photoshop
It's an ongoing process but I need to sign up with again.

26. Eat 3 meals a day regularly
Oh yeah, this was a goal....

27. Develop new creative skills
My hope was that I would be able to register for a re-upholstery course but that doesn't seem feasible before August. Still, this won't be too hard to do. If all else fails crochet counts. ;)

28. Watch less television
Does it count if I only listen to it?

29. New tattoo!
I have a vision. Now I just need the money. Maybe a reward for paying off my credit cards?

So that's where I stand.  I'm actually not entirely unimpressed.   Life has been busier than I anticipated when I created this list.  I haven't forgotten my goals and the majority of them still remain a priority.  I do wish I'd remember to take Instax photos to represent these milestones in my goal journal. Also, I wish I could remember where I put that goal journal.

Here's to keep on keeping on.