February 29, 2012

today is a day, tomorrow is an event

Around here things are taking their first step towards a normal direction. Jesse is finally home and this parenting thing is once more a two person gig. While he was gone I fell so far behind on my work that there are times that I feel like crumpling up and crying. Then I realize that I may be over-reacting thanks to a monthly delivery of hormones and that life will continue on even if slightly tainted by inconvenience. I'll throw in an obligatory I love my life disclaimer because when I pull my head out of my ass I find that I really, truly do. And that's in spite of having my head just emerge from my ass which is a horrible experience.

I'll be back here tomorrow with something crazy. Something so exciting. Something so bloody spectacular that I can't even use an exclamation mark. Only visit this blog tomorrow if you want to go "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" Shit, an exclamation mark got in there.