February 24, 2012

thursday thrifted: at the flea and on the road

Last Sunday I told Georgia a story of a magical place in a not-so-far-away land called the Lakefield Flea Market. In this fairytale land there are things called hot dogs at an enchanted place called the cafeteria. She was all in.

I actually showed a great amount of restraint that day. That happens when I come across prices in excess of $10. I picked up a Buddy Holly record for my collection and that little bike pencil cup thing. It will replace another knick-knacky bike thing that Georgia so graciously destroyed. She's sweet.

On another out-of-town thrifty adventure I picked up the rest of these things. I was very happy to find that clock at Value Village with a very non-VV price - only $1.99! The faux patchwork fabric is being saved for an upcoming diy project (or I'll just change my mind like I always do and hoard it forever) and the blanket is the background is keeping me cozy as I type. The bunny refused to be ignored and hopped itself right into my shopping cart.

I'm planning some major thrifting this weekend so I'm hoping I have more to share with you next week. I have a favourite spot to find inexpensive pieces of fabric and I'm hoping it will do me a solid once again.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too! I can't wait for Monday night to roll around and have Jesse back home. Poor George is missing him like mad and I think it's contagious.

I have a winner of the Sprig Embroidery giveaway from Adalou. Carmila, you are a very lucky lady!