February 12, 2012

make it yourself: get the love back in those old jeans

I have to admit that I burn through jeans faster than a 12 pack of Coke (if you know me you'll understand just how quickly that is). They are one of the easier things to find at a big thrift shop so if a pair gets on my bad side I send them back from whence they came. But when it came time to think of some projects for this very Valentine-y week* I thought "Hey, why not throw a heart patch on an old pair of jeans?" Sure it's not the most groundbreaking craft but holy eff it's freaking cute! I dare you to try just one patch and I bet you'll be hooked.

Yup, it's so simple I'm not even bothering with written instructions.

*My apologies for the interruption in VD Week yesterday. While my intentions were good my family was a'plenty and my toddler a'grumpy. Occasionally life happens and I'm helpless to stop it.