February 22, 2012

fancy pants: spots for miles

I can tell that I have too much on my plate because even though I thrifted this skirt just last week I have no idea where it came from. I haven't hit the shops that hard lately and normally I have a wicked memory for where I thrifted what. Yeah, life is hard.

You may have noticed that I'm using a remote to take these photos. This was my first time with that handy little device and it's already near the top of my "I don't want to live without you" list. The only down side is that it needs to be pointed right at the camera to make it snap a photo. I'm going to try buying it a new battery to see if that makes much of a difference.

I was wearing this brightly lit combo the other day while I was hanging around the house taking photos, checking things off my to-do and later hitting the town to run errands. I had an unexpected visitor which never fails to impress in the awkwardness department. I don't handle surprises well and my conversation skills definitely need warming up before a guest comes over. I'm just happy she didn't pull into the driveway when I was outside taking photos of myself like a dummy.  It will happen someday and when it does my face will closely resemble the shade of red in my skirt.  (Ohhh, blog life.) 

Hope you're having a stunner of a Thursday!

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