February 1, 2012

3 things february

About a week ago I was doing my regular rounds of 'commenting back' and I found this lovely post from a loyal MGT reader Sarah Rooftops. I was instantly smitten with this project and decided I was going to be all in once February 1st rolled around.

The idea is a simple one. At the end of each day you record three things that made you smile. Hell, that's easy! And what I love about this one is that is varies from the traditional 'gratitude' style collections. Smile. I smile (even laugh a little) when my kid farts on the cat. Am I grateful for it? Well, probably a little but that's besides the point.

I'm really looking forward to ending my days on a happy note (or at least reflecting on earlier happy notes while I frown my face off, who knows). I hope this catches your fancy and I get to read about the good parts of your day.

If you want to tweet your daily list make sure to add the hashtag #3thingsfebruary so we can all keep up with what made you smile that day. ♥