January 10, 2012

the very best of vintage eyewear + millinery (sort of)

There is no website in the world that I have lost more time to than Youtube. I have a problem. A slack-jaw, up-way-too-late, there's-no-reason-I-need-to-watch-this-video-again problem. I would take it seriously but I'm really not interested in taking too much seriously in this life.

Last night I was kicking around my favourite haunt, you know, watching makeup tutorials doing research and I saw that the all knowing Youtube mind readers wanted me to watch this...

This is by far the best anything I have watched in ages. And I can say that right now because as I type I haven't clicked on any of the other videos on that channel. There are just so many levels of awesome to this whole thing. Of course there is the colour. I die a small death every time I catch a glimpse of the perfection known as Technicolor. But the expressions on the women's faces in this clip are priceless. Most of the models look like they are being forced to nerd it up at gun point. But then again the models are in for some fierce facial competition when it comes to the audience. Those bitches are tossing out their very best in this seasons passive aggressive snarls.

Then there are the glasses themselves. Oh.my.god. The crystal tear drop glasses? Perfect for the discerning female inmate. Or perhaps you'd prefer to have a dead animal on your face with a pair of leather frames? Not exactly what you're looking for? I think the final model will meet all of your glasses needs - so long as you reside in a pineapple under the sea.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to catch up on the latest episode of Pothead Housewives of the 1950's.