January 13, 2012

memories of thursdays past (my favourite day of the week)

We all have one. We all have our reasons for it. I think Friday is a fairly common favourite, right? Isn't that what that whole TGIF thing is about? Or was that for family comedies of the 90's?

You won't be shocked when I tell you my favourite day of the week is Thursday. Even still when all of the days of the week melt together and I hardly know the date I know that Thursday is my favourite. Jesse takes the day off clinic and we get to spend time together as a family. Or if I have a metric tonne of work to do Jesse will take George out of the house for me. Either way it's a happy day for me.

I could go back as far as my memory would carry me and Thursday would still be at the top of my list. I was born on that day in August of 83. That was probably one of my best Thursdays.

But the time of my life that I remember just adoring this day was when I was 17. At that time I lived on my own and worked at a call centre selling encyclopedias and pantyhose (over the phone, can you believe that?!). Every week at exactly 12 midnight on Friday we got paid. However, as far as I was concerned that was Thursday night and it was time to %*$@ing party. The day would be so full of anticipation that I would find myself holding my breath all the time. You see, up until that point I hadn't been allowed to have much fun. I didn't really know how to handle my fun. But I tried my best to be responsible so I made sure there was a line in the budget for alcohol and other good-time supplies like make-up.

When I think back to that time I can't help but to steal away for a moment and sink deep into those memories. That girl was wild. She was foolish and brave and loud and eager. She made mistakes that break my heart to this day. She made other decisions that still make me proud. She took risks without a second thought that today would make me vomit on my shoes. Sometimes I'd like to go back, grab her by the shoulders and beg her to stop for a minute and just talk to me. She and I, we still have a lot in common but with every passing Thursday I realize how far apart we've grown.

Perhaps next Thursday I'll crack open a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and send out a silent toast. Nasty, sugary, vodka based coolers - just another thing that 17 year old me and 28 year old me can agree on.


I think a persons favourite day of the week can say a lot about that person. What's your top choice and why?