January 31, 2012

how do I get more blog followers? (a new vlog project with ♥elycia)

Nerds, guess what?! (Sorry, I just like to call people nerds when I'm really excited or if I'm playing it cool.) I have so really exciting news to share with you today!! (See, I'm excited!). Elycia and I have joined vlogging forces (for good, not evil) and we'll be bringing you a new episode of goofball fun every other Tuesday. We'll be chatting about things related to blogging and other creative ventures.

We're both so excited about this new project and we hope that you are too! If you have anything you'd like to the conversation please do so in the comment below or catch up with us on Twitter.

Elycia and I will be back in two Tuesdays with lots more chatter. See you then!