January 31, 2012

the fruit of craft night (+ a giveaway winner)

Remember when Elycia and I (yeah, I'm talking about that girl again. so what?) hosted a live craft night last week? Well, it was fun. If you missed out then I wag my finger at you and say for shame, my friend, for shame. But that wagging finger is also pointing this way where you can watch the festivities in their entirety. But enough with the shaming already, okay? You want a hug? How about some awesome plush camera action to get you motivated to make one of your own? Ahhhh yeah!

Next up is the winner of the Blue Balloon giveaway. See your name below? Well congratulations my friend!

And lastly if you are interested in sponsoring My Girl Thursday in February there are still some spaces available (including one last large spot). Click here for more information or email me directly at thursday@mygirlthursday.com.

See you on the flip side!