January 24, 2012

fancy pants: how to brighten a dull winter day

It's January. It's the time of year that I go into full hermit mode. The only thing that can get me excited about leaving the house is a trip to the thrift or fabric shop. Also maybe Pizza Hut.

During this cold time I often end up in a pair of jeans. Sweet, comfortable, warm jeans. Now I don't see that as a grave fashion sin but it is nice to bust out of that rut every once in a while.

There are so many things I love about this silly little outfit. A cropped avocado green sweater (I think I may love cropped sweaters until I turn 99), a mini dress that makes Georgie sing 'cockadoodledoo!' when she points out the roosters and a pair of wedge boots that make my large lady feet seem just a bit daintier. Less than stellar are the itchy itchy tights. Must find better something better next time around.

headband: Sunshine and Carousels >> sweater: thrifted >>
dress: gift from a friend >> tights: Value Village >>