January 4, 2012

fancy pants: creating a work space (an outfit post)

Yesterday it was brutally cold outside. Although I have a feeling if you asked a couple fellow Canadians they'd probably shrug it off. It's been a mild winter in these parts according to some but in the face of dissenting opinion I'm over here freezing my ass off. I considered braving the cold to visit the local vintage shop yesterday, but after sticking my head out the door for a while I instead opted to work on my new office/guest room.

While I was under the crazy notion that I'd have a walk about town I thought it would be nice to peel off my days old leggings for something less butt-smelling. Then while Frank and I worked on the office she said something about wanting to do a photoshoot. Let's do this.

I tried letting my hair dry naturally and the results were pathetic. So I did my best to get a bunch into an elastic and then poked my skull with a dozen or so bobby pins.

So those pictures were blurry...

I've ordered a remote for my camera in hopes of improving these photo sessions. Until then I'm living in the softly lit city of Fuzzyville.

shirt/necklace/belt: vintage thrifted  >> jeans: Old Navy  >> 
socks: gifted from my Grandma Shorty

I'm really looking forward to showing you all my office when it's complete. It makes my heart all squishy, warm and comfortable. I can't wait until I can work in there regularly!