December 30, 2011

a yearly disorder

Call me crazy but I have a hunch that many of us bloggy (and non-bloggy) people suffer from a severe need for organization and organizational tools. Look around your blog reader and you'll notice that things tend to hit fever pitch around this time of year. Well I'm a bloggy kinda girl and I'm no different. I have the disease of organization (except not really, I'm not going to act like I have OCD because I like to wash my hands after I pee....or do I?). Anyway, all I'm trying to say is that I got a new day planner and it's freaking awesome. Initially I bought a pocket sized Moleskin but when I got home I could get the one I really wanted out of my head. So the next day I returned to the book shop and found out that this baby was half off...

Well shoot, that right there is PAC MAN!! Heck yes! Honestly I don't play Pac Man all that often but that hardly diminishes my odd level of excitement over this thing. The only thing that could have been better was a Tetris version.

I also picked up a sweet deer notebook to keep on hand for blog brainstorming, my crappy doodles or emergency toilet paper.

As for setting goals for the upcoming year I'm taking it easy on myself. Some of you may recall that I created a 29 before 29 list back in August and those are about as many 'goals' as I can handle right now. However, I guess I could say that I resolve to better my follow-through. With all brouhaha of the last few months (renovating, moving, Christmas, birthdays, interrupted sleep cycles and so on) I've become rather lax on things that I would prefer to be on top of.

I guess that's where Pac Man comes in to save the day. My hero!