December 22, 2011

what I wore...on a confused winter day

Holy moley! I just checked my archives and it looks like I haven't done an outfit post since the end of September. Back then I had shorter hair (hard to tell but I'm not lying, I swear) and less roots showing. That was the post where an anon said something about my nether regions. I dealt with them proper by catching their ass and calling them on their nonsense. Besides, you want to look that closely at my lady bits you're going to have to buy me dinner first.

Moving forward it's nearing the end of December and I finally put on a nice outfit and did my hair on the same day. What luck!  It's been decidely un-snowy this year which suits me just fine for the most part.  However, I am one of those hypocrites who hates snow but would be pissed if it wasn't around on Christmas day.  I don't remember ever having a green brown Christmas so we may be adding another 'first' to this list this year.

I adore this dress from The Paraders.  It fits me like a glove and the colours remind me of autumn.  I was super happy to find this coordinating top that would let me wear the dress without my omnipresent cardigan.  I'm a fan of sleeveless things but it doesn't bode well for me come October.

We found a mystery orange in the backyard. Sweet! Looks like I don't need anyone to buy me dinner after all.

dress: The Paraders >> shirt: Zellers >>
leggings: Zellers >> boots: thrifted >> belt: thrifted