December 8, 2011

graphic pinecone ornament diy with alli of one pearl button

Today I have Alli from One Pearl Button sharing a simple and completely brilliant Christmasy decor diy.  I love it!  

Georgie G is with the babysitter today so that means that I'll have a paintbrush in hand for many hours.  

See you on the flip side. 
Hello hello, My Girl Thursday readers! This ornament was inspired by one of my very favorite artists, Charley Harper, and his graphic interpretation of nature. It's quick and easy to make, and will add a pretty touch to any tree!

pinecone ornament title small

What you'll need: pretty paper (I used metallic scrapbooking paper for the pinecone in the picture above, and pictures from an Anthropologie catalog in the tutorial example photos); a 1" or 1.5" circle punch, a styrofoam ball, plain straight pins, ornament hooks (an unbent paperclip works, too).

pinecone ornament 1 small

Step 1: Punch circles out of your paper.

pinecone ornaments 2 small

Step 2: Stick your first circle into the ball, using a straight pin.

pinecone ornaments 3 small

Step 3: Add more circles, layering under the first one.

pinecone ornaments 4 small

Step 4: Continue adding circles, filling in the blank spaces and always layering under the previous circles, making a fish scale pattern. Keep going until the entire ball is covered.

pinecone ornaments 5 small

Step 5: Stick an ornament hook in the top, hang, and enjoy your new ornament!

pinecone ornament 6 small

Thanks for having me, Thursday, and happy holidays, everyone! Stop by and see me at One Pearl Button sometime - I'd love to get to know you!