December 13, 2011

it's a big day!

I can hardly believe it's already time to say this but I am officially the mama of a TWO year old girl. Today I told Georgia she's no longer a little baby, now's she's a big girl. She said "Noooooooo. Baby." That's what I like about her.

This afternoon is all about Georgia, me and Jesse. We're headed to the mall to visit the photo booth (and maybe Santa if she's not terrified) and then to the Dancing Blueberry for a fancy birthday cupcake.

This Georgia of mine is quickly turning into a girly-girl. Not something I ever imagined happening but not something I'm going to fight either. I mean, I had a giant Barbie obsession when I was 14 and I turned out alright...kind of.

To tickle this new found love of pink and foofiness I thifted (auctioned?) this adorable Marx tin dollhouse for a buck! I also bought her some mini Lalaloopsy dolls, a Hello Kitty backpack and a Brobee t from Old Navy. She made an excited gasp at the sight of every single part of her gift - adorable!

The real party happens on Thursday and I have some work ahead of me. I'm thinking streamers, balloons, party hats and candles. It's really happening you guys, I've got a real life kid. At least she still thinks she's a baby.

For those of you who weren't around at this time last year may be interested in reading Georgia's birth story.  I happen to think it's rather entertaining ;)