December 1, 2011

creative gift wrapping with margot of newfoundlander at heart

Hello ladies and gents! My name is Margot, and I'm visiting from Newfoundlander at Heart. I'm here today to share with you lovely My Girl Thursday readers a few wrapping tips as we round the corner into the holiday season fever. This year I decided I would try to wrap all of our gifts without purchasing any Christmas wrapping paper. I know places you can get it really cheap, but I still feel like it is a waste. So I decided to reuse some items and materials found around the home!
Last spring I was cleaning out the map drawers at a store I work at, and was told that anything older than a certain date should be recycled. Well I asked if I could take the maps home instead and was told, yes, of course! I knew I would do something fun with them, and when I was thinking about some wrapping ideas that I could find around the home I thought of these maps. Now some of them were old, and a little creased, but I think it just gives the presents a little more character.
Using maps can be a little challenging because they don't come in a convenient roll, but they can help you personalize your gift. If I was giving something to Thursday's little girl this map in the photo above would make a cute personal touch. Or perhaps a familiar street would be appropriate for a friend or family member (below).
And as neat as I think these gifts look wrapped in maps, I think they need a few embellishments so I took to the interwebs for some inspiration. :)

How about using some natural items such as pinecones, holly berries, holly leaves or any type of evergreen, tied on with a simple string, natural ribbon and a small amount of bling?

Or this? A beautiful landscape scene in a black and white photo. I have also used left over Christmas cards from previous years, tied again with a simple string and a small button. I'm sure you have a few loose buttons lying around!

How ever you choose to wrap your gifts I'm sure they will be lovely, and if you choose to use some found items I'd love for you to share (leave a comment below:), as this is only a few of my Christmas presents, and I have many yet to wrap! Here's to a happy and productive pre-holiday season! I wish you all the best:)