December 7, 2011

5 ways I stay happy during the winter months with michelle from bling and bones

Good morning all! First and foremost thank you to all of you who left such kind and thougtful responses to yesterdays blog post. I did what I said and sat at my computer desk all day getting back to my bloggy business. It felt wonderful! I'm guessing a big part of the reason I was feeling so stressed was because I felt like I had lost myself. Blogging is a big part of my every day life and not being able to connect to that was taking it's toll on me. I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things and get back to my regular routine!

And speaking of feeling off I have a guest blog today on that exact subject. Or maybe I should say it's about the exact opposite. Today Michelle Bling and Bones from is going to share her tips for staying happy during the SADdest season of the year.


hello friends!!

growing up in upstate new york, amongst the trees and rolling hills and cold snowy winters, i am no stranger to short days and chilly nights. i also know how a lack of sunshine can really affect our vitamin D loving bodies, minds, and souls. aside from the obvious nutrient benefits, there is just something about the sun that brings out a sense of happiness in people. it's no secret that us east coasters have a little bit of a deeper rooted, how shall i say this?...attitude...than our left coast cousins. having spent 18 years of my life in new york, i think it is fair to say that there is a stereotype for a reason...not saying that every single east coast citizen is a little more tightly wound than most, just saying that there is some serious proof of where this theory came from. and now me?...i'm an artist, a lover, a hugger, and yeah, i totally get down on some granola from time to time...which is why, just 2 months after graduating high school, i traded in my snow boots for flip flops and headed to the west coast. oh right, and the most important thing...i love sunshine! i fully believe that the weather has an affect on our moods, if it is raining i feel sleepy, if it is cloudy and dark i feel lazy and kind of uninspired, and if its super cold and windy you can forget about seeing me anywhere outside of my house in any sort of appropriate street clothing. but when its sunny? when its sunny i feel happy and energized and motivated and so so creative. i know not everyone is like this, but there is something to all this vitamin D see, we kind of need it.

and without it we feel listless and down. i've never been diagnosed, but if i had to guess i'd say its safe to assume i am susceptible to..."the winter blahs". surely you know what i mean. fortunately for me, we have moved back to arizona where we have almost all sunny days, even in the winter! but that doesn't always keep the blahs away...the shorter days affect me too, i almost feel like i want to hibernate sometimes. which is why i've figured out a few ways to perk myself up on even the most dumpy days, some of them might seem silly, but if you've got a serious case of the blahs i highly recommend trying them out!

high fives for a happier wintery season!

1. i am emotionally connected to smells, they send off a little sensor in my brain that reminds me of a feeling (this is why most everyone feels good when they walk into a bakery). i absolutely adore the smell of sunscreen. specifically, coppertone water babies. just one whiff and i am taken right back to the days of summer, laying out with a book at the beach, digging my toes in the sand, the warmth of the sun on my (protected) skin, laughing and hanging with good friends, the light feeling in the air. so, when the winter blues creep in i am sure to use my sunscreen in place of my regular (Funk Off!) lotion after a hot shower. it works miracles! i even mix in a little with my foundation so that i can smell it all day long. oh and, bonus...sun protection!!

2. dance your ass off! not everyone is totally comfortable doing this...even i feel silly sometimes...but life isn't about being too cool, its about feeling good and being happy and if throwing on one of your favorite songs (i won't judge if your song of choice is justin bieber's "baby", its so damn catchy!) and shakin some tail feathers is what it takes (and sometimes it SO does!) then i it! flail your arms around, do some cheer leading kicks, and pull out those moves you totally remember from mtv's "the grind" video for one song or two songs or a whole album. i promise you'll feel awesome!...and if you don''re thinking way too hard. let loose!

3. i don't know about you guys, but just the thought of twinkle lights makes my heart flutter. the feeling i get when i see them let's me know that i have a strong positive association with them...and i know i'm not alone. who doesn't love twinkle lights, really? they are so pretty, so dreamy, so romantic, so...mellow. i feel that every room could benefit from a string of tiny light bulbs, they really set the perfect mood. whenever i need a little light in my life, i find a good place for a strand and hook 'em up...or plug in the ones i already have set up. ;) i always feel so happy and relaxed when they're on.

4. call a friend or family member who you just know will add a touch of sunshine to your cloudy day...and hopefully make you laugh while they're at it! i know that when i'm feeling out of sorts it can be so easy to just keep to yourself and let the blah's fester, whenever i talk to my bestie i always hang up the phone feeling better. sometimes taking a break from your things to listen to other people's things can help to...well...change the subject. and because i know that i'm not the only one who gets into hibernation mode during the winter, you have to know that you're not the only one either...most people stay home in the winter, we hardly ever go out at night once late fall hits. you could see your neighbor every summer day, but go weeks without seeing them during the winter. so...maybe you can make their day better too!

5. three words: hot apple cider. do i even need to say anything more? when you're cold, getting warm makes you feel good. i drink hot apple cider year round, i sometimes prefer it to tea, but i especially enjoy it in the winter. the feeling of warmth that goes through your whole body as you take each sip is pretty magical. for me, making a hot drink, like a cider or a tea, is a total treat to myself and i think it is so much more gratifying to make it at home...don't you feel good? you did that!!

i hope you'll try out some of my tricks to banish the winter blahs and i hope you all have a very merry season!
thank you chantilly for inviting me to be in your's so nice and cozy over here! ;)