November 8, 2011

vintage pattern collecting with jill of lune vintage

Hello, I'm Jill of Lune Vintage. Today I wanted to share with you a source to go to when you're in need of a bit of styling inspiration. I look to vintage patterns for their direct view into the fashion past. Sewing patterns from the 60's and 70's are always on my thrift shopping list, right beside records and of course, bags, belts, shoes and clothes. They are inexpensive, and don't take up much space. If you have a hard time finding patterns locally, a quick search on etsy or ebay for vintage patterns will give you online buying options weekly.

I've found the Very Easy, Very Vogue series to be one of my favorites for both graphics and ease of construction. I thought it would be fun to share a few of them!

 Collecting patterns may even motivate you to try your hand at sewing your own clothes, a dying art that really needs revival. DIY fashion can be economical and individualistic!

Not interested in the extra paper? I also keep a folder full of images of pattern envelopes (like the ones shown here) just for the visuals. Be careful on this one, it's addictive.