November 30, 2011

vintage curtain love with elycia of love elycia

It's moving day over here in Thursday-ville!  I can barely believe this day has come but I can tell you that it has come far too soon.  To make a busy day even busier there is a blogger photoshoot happening in town and I want to make it so bad!!  Guess who's going to be there?  This girl down below!  Will I make it?!  I sure freaking hope so.

Hello there!
My name is elycia and I blog over at ♥elycia. I am a crafty, vintage and music loving, cat lady living in a cute house on a quiet street. Ok, enough about me. Well, maybe just a bit more...Ivan and I recently moved into our first home so I know how much work moving into a new place is! I am so happy to be here to help out my friend Thursday while her family moves into their new home. It is such an exciting time!

One thing I was super excited about when we decided we were moving was decorating. I love to put rooms together but I am not the kind of person who just gets a vision of what they want their room to look like and makes it happen. I am very much a "figure it out as I go along" type of gal. When decorating a room I need to be inspired by something and use that as the basis to build the rest of the room around. Something usually has to smack me in the face. The first thing that smacked me in the face while we were browsing around for decorating ideas were these babies...
Oh my wow, it was love at first sight when I saw these curtains. I had my muse! Our living room was designed around them and I couldn't be happier.

Now though, I have a small problem. I am obsessed with vintage curtains. I want to find the prettiest curtains possible for every room in our house. So far I have found one other set. The best part? They were $1.00 at an estate sale!
Right now these pretties are hanging out (get it, hanging?) in the kitchen. Not sure if that will be there final location but they look so lovely in there now.

So I am on the hunt for beautiful vintage curtains for each room. I kind of want to wait to paint to see what kind of curtains I can find. This decorating thing could take a while you guys.

What are you like when it comes to decorating? Is there anything that makes you as crazy as curtains make me?

Best of luck to you Thursday during your move and I just know your house is going to look fabulous!