November 4, 2011

unattainable beauty

As I've mentioned previously I have been doing a lot of decor dreaming as of late. Our closing date is coming so soon and I feel so completely unprepared. It's not that I don't have ideas - it's that I have too many of them. I blame Pinterest. Of course, without that site I would probably be idealess but perhaps ignorance is bliss.

Is it just me or does Pinterest fill anyone else with untold amounts of anxiety? Ev-er-y-thing on that site is perfect. Freaky perfect. And if you've stopped by this blog for any substantial period of time you know perfection is not my shtick. Quite the opposite actually. But here's the thing - I would like my house and all of it's pieces to lie for me. Nothing extreme - just a fib here and there. I'd like my kitchen to tell people how organized I am. My livingroom would say how clean yet warm my personality is. My pots and pans? Well they wouldn't tell a soul that I burn every meal (that is, if I remember to turn on the element in the first place).

The thing about Pinterest is that is all feels so unattainable. I know that it's meant to be a tool of inspiration but my obsessive mind can't seem to stop there. It becomes a game of equal to or lesser than, and when dealing with a scene like this I will always be the latter. I recognize that I'm being hard on myself but does anyone relate to this?

But once more, if you know me you know that I have only a slight interest in being defeated. Sure I'll spend a night or two wallowing in self-pity but soon enough I'll pull my socks up and look forward to and appreciate what I can actually achieve and feel good about.

Anyhow, I guess that was just a very long-winded way of introducing a few decor inspiration photos that don't make me feel like a sad pile of poop.