November 25, 2011

styling your vintage home with lisa of lala fauxbois

I'm so stoked for this post today!  It's a topic that has been on my mind almost every second since since we bought this house.  I want our new home to be the retro haven I've been dreaming of but it's not as easy or budget friendly as I once believed.  Today Lisa will be sharing some of her tips on vintage styling on a budget.  Let's go!

Hello! I'm Lisa from lala fauxbois and I'm super happy to be here while Thursday is settling into her new home! I'm so excited for her and can't wait to see how she decorates!

The best part of moving is of course, styling your new home, and sometimes (usually!) our eyes can be bigger than our budgets. Fortunately, for us vintage lovers out there, thrifting treasures can give us a unique look without spending a ton of cash. We bought our house 3 years ago and here are a few things I've learned about decorating on a budget along the way.

lalafauxbois entry wayentry way storage & vintage cat wall hangings: thrifted

1. Be patient!
This is probably the hardest trait for me! When we first saw our house my mind filled with visions of it brimming with mid-century goodness. This time period has become super popular in home decor making great pieces harder to find and more expensive. If you don't NEED something right away, try not to settle on items you don't really love. Don't be afraid to hit up your local Scandinavian furniture store (wink wink!) for some necessary pieces like a bed or dresser that you need right away. They have a lot of stuff that blends right in with vintage at a good price point, and decent re-sale value if you find something you love later on!

lalafauxbois living roomcouch: gifted//wall hangings & lamp: thrifted//mosaic coffee table: vintage store//vespa pillows: handmade//other throw pillow: ??//curtains: Ikea

2. Keep an open mind...
It's great to have an idea in your head of your dream couch or macrame wall hangings, however keeping an open mind while thrifting can lead you to some unexpected treasures! Also, don't feel tied to a particular decade! You can mix time-periods and even modern with vintage to reflect your personal style. Don't pass up something you love because you are worried everything should match!

3. DIY what you can!
We had many fruitless couch hunts for our family room before being offered this vintage sectional for free. However, it was a DISASTER! We reupholstered it and replaced the feet for a fraction of buying a new set. Don't get me wrong, it was hard work and I got to be pretty whiney, but it was worth it. The end table was made by my dad in high school shop class- totally mid-century! :)

lalafauxbois family room

4. Look everywhere!
I love thrifting but sometimes the quality finds can be few and far between. Craig's List can be a good source of furniture. I love ebay for vintage because you can often find exactly what you're looking for without spending all day driving around town. I wanted a crocheted afghan and I was able to find this one for our guest bedroom in a color scheme I love for a good price. Vintage stores can be a great resource for housewares and furniture, just be prepared with your personal price limitations! But on the flip side, be willing to make a little more of an investment on timeless staples.

lalafauxbois guest room
blanket: ebay//crewel wall hanging & throw pillow: vintage store//pillowcases: Rachel Denbow Stash Sale//bedding: Ikea

Our home is still a work in progress and I would love to hear any vintage decorating tips you may have! If you want to see more of my thrifting adventures, come by the blog and say hello!