November 5, 2011

saturday mornings are for...

...clearing out, saying good-bye and embracing a less furniture packed home.

Today we sold our green floral French Provincial couch and later on today we'll move out bright orange antique settee to the livingroom. Over the past couple weeks I've been busy listing bits and pieces of our furniture on Kijiji in preparation for the move. For months I have been searching for the perfect couch for our new home. Actually, a lovely Twitter friend sent me a link to an episode of This American Life about a fellow that searched for his perfect couch for nearly twenty years. TWENTY!! I started to listen to it but I have to be honest and say it felt far too foreboding. Once I find my perfect match I'll sit back and listen to the whole thing.

Maybe one day when I'm less obsessed and emotionally twisted up in this process I can inject some humour into this search and tell you all about it. Until then please send all of your good couch finding juju my way.