November 23, 2011

make it yourself: peter pan collar with susannahbean

Good morning all!  Today I have another awesome guest post, this time from my friend Susannah from susannahbean.  This project has been on my to-do list for ages and I hope to finaly get to it once we're all moved and unpacked.  Let's get crafty!

Hello there! My name is Susannah Bean, and I blog over at I thought I'd share one of my favorite DIY accessories with you! I don't think there's anything better than a dainty Peter Pan collar, so I whipped up this little pretty to dress up a plain white t-shirt. Here's how you do it:
You'll need: fabric (at least 1/4 yard, but 1/2 yard is better), cardstock, scissors, snaps (or hook-and-eye closures). Not pictured: sewing machine, needle and thread, iron.
//1. Sketch out the shape of the collar on the cardstock. I winged it, but you may want to take some measurements to be safe. You could change the shape of the collar too! // 2. Fold your fabric over itself so you can cut two pieces at once. Pay attention to your fabric's pattern if you need to! Pin your paper collar to the fabric and cut. Leave a little room around the stencil for your seam allowance.//
//3. You should end up with this shape. Make another one for the other side of your collar. //4. Pin your two pieces of fabric with the right sides facing each other. Make sure you keep the right pieces together, you need them to line up as best as they can.//
//5. Starting at one corner, begin sewing around the edge, using your sewing machine's foot as a guide. //6. Sew almost all the way back to where you started, but stop about an inch before. Use the little opening you left to turn your tube inside out. You may need to use a pencil to get the corners pointy. Do this for both halves of your collar.
//7. Iron both pieces flat. Hand sew the two halves together at the center. //8. Sew a snap (or hook-and-eye-) at the back of the collar (the top corners of your collar). That's it!

I hope you have fun making these! Thank you, Thursday, for letting me share!!