November 24, 2011

fall favourites from sandi of adalou vintage

Today is another big painting day at our new home. While I'm away getting thoroughly soaked in primer my friend Sandi is here to share some of her fall favourites. Love y'all!

Hi My Girl Thursday readers! This is Sandi from over at AdaLou the Blog, and I'm guest posting today a collection of my favorite Fall fashion pieces. If you couldn't already tell, I'm loving yellow ochre this season and I've seen a lot of it lately paired it up with neutrals such as grays or browns, which makes the prettiest of color palettes. Now I'm not a fashion expert when it comes to attire and mixing and matching items but I would surely wear a few of these fabulous pieces paired up together. And if I had any more room in my tiny closet, I'd be add all of them to my wardrobe mix. I'm always on the hunt for color palettes and recent trends so feel free to swing by the blog if you'd like to see what else I've been scoping out. 

Hope you enjoy some of my Fall Favorites. So what colors combos do you enjoy wearing for Fall? xo :) s

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