November 9, 2011

a busy night at the auction house

Last night I spent five hours at a local antique auction. FIVE. Thank goodness for those Bubble Buster and Mah Jong apps on my phone.

This was my second Peterborough auction and it was quite different than the first. The first was classified as a 'general' and it was pretty junky. Last night was classified as 'antique' and I guess that word brings out all the high-falutin' folks in town. Prices were very different and it was hard as hell to get the things you wanted at a reasonable price. And while I was being outbid almost constantly by one older pony-tailed fellow I did manage to sneak in a few good deals.

This sweet chair was just a buck and it's mint!

I also found a really sweet Marx tin doll house for Georgia's birthday for a dollar too! Lots of records, glittery purses and then some other household essentials that are not nearly as exciting in the kitsch department.

All in all I'd have to say that I like the general auctions better. The deals are way better, there are more interesting characters milling about and the boxes of mystery loot are piled a mile high. Next one takes place on the 29th and you bet you will find me there.

See you on the flip side pretties!  I'm off for a play date and then we should be getting the keys to our new home tonight!  Yip-yip-yipee!!!