November 14, 2011

bow diy from Erin and Stefanie of Oh So Lovely

Hey everyone and welcome to a brand new week! Today I have the talented duo Erin and Stefanie of Oh So Lovely guest posting with a very sweet bow diy. Enjoy!


Hi there lovelies! We're Erin & Stefanie, the girls of Oh So Lovely Vintage and we've put together a quick and easy do it yourself bow tutorial. All you will need is a little bit of felt, a pair of scissors and a glue gun! Have fun!

1. First cut a 1" x 7" strip of felt as well as a tiny scrap to go around the middle (approximately 1" x .5")

2. Cut a "v" out of each end of the bigger strip of fabric and then cut a slit about .5" from the end of one side (it doesn't matter which side.)

3. Pull the opposite end through the slit you just made.

4. Flatten the bow out and adjust the proportions to how you want it to look, then wrap the little piece around it.

 5. Glue a dot on the back of the tiny piece.

6. Then you can glue pins, hair combs or clips to the back!

Ta-da! The finished product! Easy peasy and super cute! Play around with the colors too and see what you can come up with!

A big thanks to Thursday for letting us do a guest post for you guys!