October 24, 2011

thrifted: the ladies

Things are about to get all sorts of thrifty this week on the blog. I've been junk shopping like a mad woman of in search of the perfect home decor items. Turns out there is a whole lot of perfect out there.

Today I have a single thrifted piece....or pieces. I found these three pretty ladies at a tiny shop in Tweed, Ontario for just $8. I love everything about them (well, maybe not the dust. Why do I never dust before taking photos?). They're so smooth and pretty and I adore clean lines in the wood work. I plan on trying to touch up the wood and I'll give the girls a gentle cleaning.

I can't say I know much about this set. I did some searching around the internet to see what I could find but since these are unmarked it's difficult to know where to start. Have you ever seen these girls? Know anything of their history? I'd love to know more.

More importantly, have you thrifted anything spectacular lately?  If you've blogged it please be sure to leave a link in the comments below.

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