October 3, 2011

so many costumes

I've actually lost count of how many times I've decided what Georgia will be for Halloween.  Yup, this year I'm deciding.  I'm sure it will be the last time I have that privilege.  

Initially I was trying to make a fish costume but I quickly realized that it would end up costing me a fortune for supplies.  One day I found myself going into a retail store where I broke down and bought a costume.  Not at all what I wanted to do but at $12 I felt okay buying it as a back up.  You know, just in case my diy brain failed me.

Shortly after I decided on another look.  She'd be a clown.  After all, I was a clown for my first Halloween.  Tradition, right?  That night I made a tutu in the most primary of colours.  (Which by the way is something I swore I would never do.  I am not a fan of these freaking tutus but I definitely don't want to make clown pants.)
Then, of course, the next day I found an Elmo costume at a bag sale.  When we got home I let her try it on and I've never seen her more in love with herself.  She kept petting her head saying "sooooft".

How about a hybrid with a side of rain boots?  Friends, this isn't what happens when a toddler dresses herself.  This is what happens when I dress a toddler.  Sorry kid.*

*And sorry to you all for such fuzzy photos.  In this particular situation I chose cuteness over quality.